AMA NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Causal Learning

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Hi Reddit!

Martin Arjovsky, Anna Klimovskaia, Maxime Oquab, Léon Bottou, David Lopez-Paz and myself, Christina Heinze-Deml, will be hosting the NeurIPS 2018 Workshop on Causal Learning next week in Montreal. Some of the exciting work that will be presented at the event can be found here.

The workshop features a 90-minute panel discussion where Yoshua Bengio, David Blei, Nicolai Meinshausen, Isabelle Guyon and Csaba Szepesvari will be discussing current challenges and future research directions in causal learning and its role in making progress towards AI.

This post is a call for your participation! We will collect the top questions, comments, and issues discussed here until December 6 at 22:00 (Montreal time), and share them with our invited speakers during the panel.

The workshop program will be streamed via Facebook Live in this group, so everyone will be able to join the discussion! The stream will then remain available in Facebook.

We are looking forward to your participation, and to see many of you in Montreal.

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