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Hi all,

/r/machinelearning is growing rampantly, with over a thousand new subscribers every day. As our community grows, it is important to have fertile ground for newcomers to learn the ropes. Since there is already an active subreddit for aiding in the development of machine learning skills, we feel that this is the right time to demarcate the content between these two subs.

As a new rule, all beginner-level content should be posted to our sister sub, /r/learnmachinelearning. This will free up “real estate” on our page for more in-depth, expert discussions and provide a more focused learning space for beginners. That’s not to say that all tutorials are outright banned — in particular, explanations of recent or niche papers are still welcome.

We were all beginners once and newcomers to ML are bringing great things to this sub and the general community. Please do continue to engage with and learn from the community here. But we recommend /r/learnmachinelearning if you do want to start getting your hands dirty.

We hope that this specialization will be beneficial to everyone in the long run.

Best regards, the moderator team

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