Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI Terminology for the Layman

Author: Capri Granville

Here is one of the most viral videos about data science posted in the last few months, with over 500,000 views. I could not locate the original copy; I found it in a re-tweet by Kirk Borne. See link to the video below the picture. However, I was able to find who created it ( and it turns out that they have a YouTube channel with plenty of even more interesting videos. To search these videos by keyword, click here. The search results below is a selection for the keyword Machine Learning.

  • DataRobot – Automated Machine Learning Platform
  • What is Machine Learning? – Google AI
  • Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019
  • MIT’s New $1 Billion Artificial Intelligence College
  • What is Machine Learning, and preventing Human Bias
  • Jeff Bezos – Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • NVIDIA – Deep Learning Demystified
  • Elements of AI – Free Artificial Intelligence course for beginners
  • Facebook’s Head of AI Research, Yann Lecun, Explains AI
  • Andrew Ng – AI For Everyone course
  • Real-time code generation using computer vision

More videos available here. For DSC videos, follow this link

To watch this viral video (about ML / AI terminology), click here

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