Free book: The #dataengineering cookbook by Andreas Kretz

Author: ajit jaokar



I found an interesting, free book which is still a work in progress book – The Data Engineering Cookbook


I will be contributing through the author (Andreas patreon site : (Link to his  Patreon ) because I see data engineering as a topic which is not fully covered.

The book is being built on an ongoing basis with a wide scope (for free as I understand it but with a patreon model of supporters)

The book is split into five parts

  • introduction
  • basic data engineering skills
  • a real world data engineering example
  • over 30 case studies with links from companies like Netflix, Twitter, Spotify
  • collection of interview questions

Topics covered include

  • Data Engineer vs Data Scientists
  • Basic Data Engineering Skills
  • Git
  • Agile development
  • Learn how a Computer Works
  • Computer Networking
  • Security and Privacy
  • Linux
  • The Cloud
  • Security Zone Design
  • Big Data
  • My Big Data Platform Blueprint
  • Lambda Architecture
  • Data Warehouse vs Data Lake
  • Docker
  • Databases
  • Data Processing and Analytics – Frameworks
  • Apache Kafka
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Engineering Course: Building A Data Platform
  • Case Studies: AirBnB, spotify, Uber, Twitter and a range of others


In my teaching at Oxford University – Artificial intelligence – cloud and edge implementations – I have taken an engineering led approach to data science. Many courses miss that depth and its not easy to teach because you need to cover three job roles: Data Engineering, Data Science and Devops. Its easy to miss many small topics in this vast scope.

Hence, I hope this book will be a useful reference  

The book link is – The Data Engineering Cookbook



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