Free Book: Getting Started with TensorFlow 2.0

Author: Vincent Granville

By Amita Kapoor and Ajit Jaokar. In this book, we introduce coding with tensorflow 2.0. We show how to develop with tensorflow 1.0 and contrast how the same code can be developed in tensorflow 2.0. The book emphasizes the unique features of tensorflow 2.0. Earlier this year, Google announced TensorFlow 2.0, it is a major leap from the existing TensorFlow 1.0.

The key differences are:

  • Ease of use
  • Eager Execution
  • Model Building and deploying made easy
  • The Data pipeline simplified


  • TensorFlow 1.x vs 2.x.ipynb 
  • Overview of changes TensorFlow 1.0 vs TensorFlow 2.0 
  • Simplified conceptual diagram for TensorFlow 2.0 
  • Coding with TensorFlow 2.0 
  • Observations 
  • TensorFlow1.0 
  • TensorFlow2.0 
  • TensorFlowDataset.ipynb_ 
  • Conclusion 

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