Twitter Account Recommendations Megathread

Author: /u/Omega037

The Mod Team has decided that it would be nice to put together a list of recommended Twitter accounts to follow, similar to the book recommendations list or the podcast recommendations list.

Please post any Twitter accounts you follow that you find particularly interesting or helpful for staying up to date or developing in your career. Please include the Twitter handle or a link, along with a brief (or not brief) description.

Some restrictions:

  • Must be significantly related to data science or its associated ecosystem
  • Can not be an automated/repost account (i.e., just announcing every ML paper published to arxiv)
  • Can not be a joke/fake account
  • Must be semi-active (posts within the last year or so)
  • If there is a significant amount of NSFW material on the account, you must include a NSFW tag

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