Introducing “Meme Monday.” Memes as submissions are allowed on Mondays only.

Author: /u/vogt4nick

r/datascience has grown considerably in the past year, from about 70k subscribers in Jan 2019 to 183k subscribers today in Jan 2020. As the subreddit grows and evolves, so too must the subreddit rules and moderation to accommodate and facilitate new discussion. We see “Meme Monday” as a step forward in this direction.

To be clear, “Meme Monday” is a subreddit rule. It is not a weekly thread like the “Weekly Entering & Transitioning Thread.” That means moderators will remove submissions according to the subreddit rules.

Memes are fun, but too many memes can detract from content and discussions fitting with community expectations and the subreddit’s stated purpose. r/datascience is a place for data science practitioners and professionals to discuss and debate data science career questions.

“Meme Monday” is our first attempt to accommodate and facilitate new discussion, and we intend to keep it for at least a couple months to gauge the community’s response. If you have any recommendations for new strategies, please share your thoughts.

Of course, the mod team will keep an eye on this thread to answer questions as we check in.

Thanks for you attention.

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