AMA: Data Science and Analytics Career Guide AMA hosted by Burtch Works Executive Recruiting Services LIVE

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Hi r/datascience!

EDIT: Thank you to the r/datascience community, and mods for letting us engage with you all! Feel free to check out our publications, or to reach out if you have more questions!

Burtch Works Executive Recruiting is excited to partner with the r/datascience community to help answer any and all career and job market questions! Today, Thursday November 18th we are going to be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” to help answer any questions on career guidance, salary bands, and market trends!

Since 2013, Burtch Works has published studies that expand on salary benchmarks and market trends in the Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Data Engineering, and Market Research space. You may have seen our studies talked about in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or other news articles.

Building relationships and helping professionals navigate through this everchanging industry is what we love to do. Please leave any question you may have, and we will be coming through this afternoon (3pm ET) to answer them all!

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