[Official] 2022 Raises and Bonuses Thread

Author: /u/Omega037

Previous salary threads have focused on current compensation, but with inflation on the rise, we feel it would be interesting to share what kinds of merit increases, cost of living adjustments, annual bonuses and retention bonuses you are receiving as well.

For a suggested format, we can use:

  • Base Salary Increase

    • Cost of Living
    • Merit
  • Bonus

    • Annual Bonus
    • Special Retention Bonus

Additional, feel free to provide standard salary thread details like:

  • Title:
  • Tenure length:
  • Location:

    • Remote (Yes/No):
  • Company/Industry:
  • Education:

MODNOTE: Please avoid political discussions related to inflation; that is not the purpose of this thread and there are more appropriate subreddits for that.

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