Applications of Data Analytics

Author: Vincent Granville

I am presenting at the upcoming NISS (National Institute of Statistical Sciences) webinar on September 27. This was my first employer in US, back in 1996. I was then completing a post-doc.

My presentation focuses on new algorithms, original applications, theoretical data science (including a new conjecture about data sets) and implications to business analytics, as well as new foundations of statistics, based on general resampling and model free, data-driven techniques. It will also feature discoveries made when working on pure math (number theory) using experiments and big data to find new results (data-to-theory approach) coming up along the way with new models applicable to Fintech, as well as new families of statistical distributions. 

The level of the presentation is very high level and compact, with relevant references listed on the last slide, for those interested in digging deeper in the technical details. 

You can find my presentation here. To register for this webinar, follow this link. 

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